Luke positive despite tyre woes at Assen season opener

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Luke Power was not terribly fortunate in his debut at the Supersport World Championship. The young rider completed two excellent qualifying sessions but struggled in the races with a defect in the front tyre, forcing him to withdraw both times but nonetheless showing that he has what it takes for success in the future.

Fabio Uccelli, Team Manager of Motozoo Me Air Racing:
“Finally we took to the track to start our third season in the Supersport World Championship, I have to say that we have come home very satisfied. Luke, despite not finishing either race due to a technical problem on the front tyre, was very good. In the test he showed that he was very fast. Despite this being his first time in the World Championship, on this extremely difficult circuit which he had never ridden before, he rode with an excellent pace and I am convinced that as his experience and confidence with motorcycles and tyres increases he will be able to grow enormously during the season. I have to thank the whole team for this excellent start to the season, we have done a great job and we have shown our potential. We just have to continue on this path!”

Luke Power #68:
“Obviously I can’t be happy because I didn’t finish either race due to a technical issue with the front tyre, which strangely occurred in both races. However, I have to say that what I did during the tests gave me the right feelings, with every lap I felt better and better on the bike. The level of the Championship is obviously very high, but I’m very confident for the next races.”